In Between Jobs, A Road Trip: Episode 2 – Sleeping in Your Car

It's 10pm, there's fresh snow on the ground, you've got an empty wallet and you don't know where you're sleeping tonight. You have the power to sleep anywhere you want - IN YOUR CAR.

Intercourse, PA

In Between Jobs, A Road Trip: Episode 1 – A Weekend in PA

"I'm in between jobs right now," is what I've been telling people when they ask what I'm doing. It's a difficult sentence to spit out, mostly because I have plans that depend on responses from other people, so I've got no idea what my future holds. There are about 15 different directions my life could …

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15 Resolutions for Every Adventurer

New Year, New Resolutions, New Mountain. Now that we’ve rung in the New Year, it’s time to get to work on our New Years resolutions. There’s no time to waste, because it’s 2018! Things are going to be DIFFERENT this year! You have the power to make 2018 the best year it can possibly be. Feeling …

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Surviving 2017: “I Don’t Know.”

The catchphrase of 2017 was pretty easy to figure out. Given all the insanity and plot twists we've all been through this past year, it's safe to say that uncertainty has become a staple. The future has been completely unpredictable and, in most cases, earth shattering. The theme of 2017: "I Don't Know." My year …

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