Let’s get jiggy with it.

Have you read Wild?

No. I saw the movie, because I’m “lazy.” But what actually initially inspired me was a combination of my dear friend Mike from Sweet Emotions in Storrs, CT and Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer.

IMG_4515Where/When do you start?

I began my hike on March 16th, 2017 at Springer Mountain in Georgia. No, I did not take the approach trail.

Are you going…alone?

Yes, I came here alone, but HOLD YOUR HORSES! Don’t FREAK OUT! It’s going to be ok. First off, ask anyone who has thru-hiked the A.T. or backpacked in any capacity before, male or female, and they will all give you the same response: just DO IT!!! You’re gonna be FINE!

After being out here a week, I can absolutely confirm that. There are so many strong women out here hiking solo!

Plus, I’ve got the coolest Tramily (Trail Family) in the world.


How long will you be out there?

I am going for the full thru-hike, but it’s going to happen in pieces. Between some knee injuries and my little sister graduating high school (oh my gosh she is so old), I’m going to have to take some time off and keep up with my friends then make up some trail later.

Are you sure you’re mentally stable enough for this? Like, it kind of sounds like you’re just running away from your problems.

Let me level with you, friend. “Mental stability” becomes a moot point when you’re dealing with someone in her 20s. Life is hard and uprooted and uncertain. Actually, this hike is giving me certainty. I am certain that I need to accomplish this. All of my focus has been put on not only surviving this, but thriving in it. This will make my life rich with experience, which I would not otherwise find sitting on my parents couch after a short shitty day at a part time job.

As for the running away? Well, no one can run away from his or her problems. In fact, this hike makes me face them head on. The unfavorable things that have happened recently in my life are not things I’m trying to avoid. I want to come to terms with them, and use them to motivate me to live a happy, crazy, adventurous life.

How are you going to get food?!?

Short and simple: carry anywhere from 3-7 days of food at a time, resupplying my stash in the ample trail towns I will be passing through.

Mail drops, if needed for emergencies or treats, are going to be coordinated by my super amazing cousins. YOU GUYS RULE! Seriously, I’d be nowhere without them.

Wait, so can I send you snail mail? How can I contact you?

Snail mail is possible! If you really give a shit enough to send me something in the mail, please just contact me personally via email or cell phone before/during my hike and I’ll tell you what town I’m expected to be in and when.

I will also be bringing my cell phone! Texts can be received, but the most sure fire way of getting in contact is via email (here), Facebook messanger, or a good ole fashioned phone call and voicemail! (I would super appreciate voicemails) These three methods will provide a solid line of communication that won’t be affected by shotty cell service or high volume.

Are you camping every night for 2 months?! Do you have a tent?!

You bet your boots!  My hike is scheduled around making it to a shelter or tenting site every night, in ordinance with Leave No Trace etiquette. Every once in awhile I’ll make a stop in a town and stay in a hostel. While I hope to primarily camp, I will not be terribly separated from civilization.

Did you bring bear spray? I mean, what if you get EATEN BY A BEAR?

Y’all need to sit down for a hot minute and check your bear facts. I will be hiking an eastern trail, which means black bears are the ones I’ll have to worry about. I have already made it through the Smoky Mountains without seeing a single bear.

It’s the music that’s unBEARABLE!

If you’re seriously seriously concerned, I highly recommend you do some bear research before you come at me with reasons why I should not go. In short? Bears will not attack a human unless provoked. 

So instead I’ll be minding mosquitos, super poisonous snakes, ticks, a myriad of other bugs, wolves, rac-ca-coons, blah blah blah. Hey, if you start thinking too much about all the things out in the wilderness, you’ll never leave. I’m afraid, but I’m also unstoppable. You never know what’s out there until you get there. What’s a life worth if lived in fear? 

I’d like to wrap this up with a common statement I have received:

“I’m so jealous! I wish I could go with you.”

My response?

Why the hell aren’t you?

It’s never too late to tag along in any capacity. Please, if you’re interested at all, in the thru-hike, in a week long hike, in a month long hike, PLEASE hit me up! I would love an adventure buddy, but most importantly?

I would love to see you happy, adventuring out in the woods, finding yourself, exploring, vagabonding, and rocking and rolling through this life. 



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