A Midnight Train To Georgia 



I am going to Georgia right now. I am going to hike the Appalachian Trail. This is real. This is actually happening.

From Gainesville, GA, I’ll be finding a taxi or some sort of shuttle to Amicalola Falls, where I will then hike about 8 miles to the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail: Springer Mountain. 

Funny, isn’t it? How, despite your endless planning, the event doesn’t feel real until you’re standing on the edge of a platform with your pack that definitely is a little too heavy?


I guess I just can’t believe I’m actually pulling all this off so far. Mom and Dad, did I make you proud?

Ok, my head is a tizzy of thoughts. What am I doing? Who will I meet? I can’t wait to see the stars I can’t wait to be so exhausted that I pass out. What’s going to happen in the rain? And yet, I’m not worried at all. 

Sure, I’m nervous. The healthy kind of nervous! This is a life change, y’all. I’m about to take on a world I’ve never existed in before.

Oh, also? They also haven’t scanned my ticket yet. I could be an imposter for all they know!!! (Imposter? I barely even know her!)

Bless the people that are getting off on all these stops before me. 9 more hours to go. There’s also a handful of people around me with packs. This guy across from me has the same Z fold Thermarest.

Oh Therese stop that’s too much.


For now? I am not quelled by the desperate length of this train ride. No! I am pumped. Plus I think I’ve got a Trail name in mind.

I am Little Wing. Hear me roar. 


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