Night Three 

10pm feels like midnight. The wind is roaring, I mean ROARING through the sky. It sounds like there could be a hundred people outside my tent.

This weary traveler could not stand to walk anymore. No, not after summiting Blood Mountain. Wow what a walk today. So many miles.

And yet, as Jake and I sit squished in the same tent playing the poem game with a head lamp propped up and flickering in a ceiling pocket, I can’t help thinking that this is the life. This is truly living. Staying warm with a buddy, playing games….

Wow. Sorry, I got so distracted because a gust came through that felt as though it might uproot my tent. That’s where I am now – we both can’t fit in one tent when it comes to sleeping. Tonight shall be interesting indeed!

Even after a night like this, I wake up so excited to be surrounded by woods.

During the day the mountains of Georgia look endless and misty blue. You can’t tell where you’ve been and you can barely figure out where you’re going. You have no idea where Springer Mt is anymore. It’s just…all.

And then, at night, lights pop up. Civilization becomes a dotted backdrop to the now seemingly scant, dark mountains in your view. It’s shocking, because you can’t see ANY hint of buildings or civilized life in the day time. It’s beautiful. Expansive.

God I have so much more to tell y’all. But, sleep beckons me and battery life must be cherished sparingly.

For now, we bunker down in the woods. In three days, it’s off to Hiawassee!



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