Hiawas-see What I Did There?

The Best Thing About A Bed Is The PILLOWS.

Holy crap. Cuddles and comfort a plenty! I cannot explain the elation that came from getting a shower, laundry, and pillows on a huge bed. As Jake and I were trying to talk, his legs kept involuntarily moving around under the covers. You could almost hear them saying “OH MY GOSH we’re FREE from the mummy sleeping bag!!”

I clung to those pillows all night. Seriously wish I could take them with me.

Why was last night so dopely and aptly timed?

There was a thunder storm. Boom shaka laka yeah dude the sky was filled with veins of lightning and the buildings shook like thunder. Did we know this storm was coming? Absolutely not. I dunno if it’s too soon to say, but I think Jake and I are savants.

What Trey Mountain Does To A Woman.

First of all, it’s not called “Troy Mountain” and shouting “THIS IS SPARTA” from the top of it really really doesn’t make much sense.

This mountain was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. We hit the top and could see the mountains around while enclosed in a little rhododendron enclave. Jake has this immaculate talent for picking the perfect song for each moment. He’s been clipping his high-class-super-awesome headphones to the back of his pack while we hike miles on miles on miles. And every time? Perfect tune-age. ‘Tis a quality that is extremely admired in such woodsy times.

All this up and down, though? It’s a knee killer. I’ll probably be in the market for a knee brace. Other thru-hikers see me going and say, “Woah! No trekking poles? I admire people like you, girl!” What I want to say is, “Those were never on my dar, kid. I didn’t know they existed ’til I got here.” But I don’t, because that would take my mysterious bad ass magic away.

In and Outta Town

With a beautifully short stint at The Budget Inn, we make moves back to the Trail. It is, after all, our true home. It feels nice to have these comforts of “normal life,” and I treasure it for the small time that I got it.

Jake just came into the office to get more coffee and said, “Oh wow. What’s that? Is that…a computer?”

“Yeah! See? Here’s where you hit these buttons, and they magically pop up on the screen. And then you can put something on this magical thing called the Eyentern-Net.”

He looked sarcastically dazzled. “Wow.”

Forward, ho, Hikers!




































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