We Are Tramily!

This is probably going to be the messiest calamity of a post, but it’s 6:30 in the morning and I’m just thinking about breakfast somewhere near the NOC.

I’d like to introduce you to the beautiful humans I’ve been hiking and camping and zeroing with:

Ok not the best photo. Again, we were super distracted by food. You are looking at the best pancakes in the goddamned world right there.

Anyway! Meet the trail family: Jukebox, Pineapple, Walkamole, and Alex. 

Together we form a hilarious, supportive, exciting, well organized (thanks to Walkamole), salty, punderful squad that takes on the trail day after day.

Of course we see lots of other wonderful people, too! There’s a group we’ve ended up camping with – Gears, Buzz Lightyear (that’s not his official name but I call him that because he camps in a spaceship), Tea Leaves, Bulletproof, Pteradactyl, Piper – and many more that I’m failing to mention, because again, food/lying on a sleeping mat/it’s so early. These are such good people. The days and nights are surrounded with good vibes, motivation, excitement. It’s a goddamned honor to be hiking with these humans.

As for the knee situation? I’ve been slow. Finally, after advice from Pineapple and Montana, I took some ibuprofen and hope for the best. Sweet Pineapple has been hanging back with me so I don’t have to rush to keep up. The only thing is that we talk constantly. I’ve never had an easier time sustaining constant conversation. Actually, after two 6-hour days of straight talking, hiking, and sight seeing, I can confirm that this kid is the goddamn worst.

Did I say worst? Oh no, I totally meant best!

The formation of this squad and the amazing homies we’ve been camping with has just made me fall in love with the trail even more.

It’s going to be damn hard to leave. I mean, we’re already planning events and reunions for after the trail. How long have we known each other? 5 days.

In the words of Pineapple, “I’ve never cared about people I’ve known for so little time or missed people I’ve been apart from for a few hours like this before. … WHAT THE HELL, MAN!”


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