I Quit. 

Honestly? I can’t keep going with this thru-hike. Things have been going TERRIBLY on the trail. Ive been having a really hard time with a lot of things and I just can’t take it anymore. Let me lay out the reasons for you, and I think you’ll see why.
1. I can’t find a good latte. It’s like no one know how to make proper milk foam. How am I supposed to get my day started properly? Don’t even get me STARTED on the lack of cold brew.

2. They only have mixers up here. No booze! What the hell!

3. Everyone is so judgmental of my huge bag.

4. I can’t find a mirror to do my makeup every morning. Ever. It must look so bad.

5. I can’t find a single goddamn power outlet anywhere.

6. Someone broke the fourth wall in EVERY mountain home.

7. And on THAT note, people keep breaking into the home I stay it at night. There is zero security.

8. Everywhere I go I’m surrounded by smelly homeless people. Seriously, it’s called deodorant. Ever hear of it?

9. Everyone wears the SAME OUTFIT every day. It’s so drab and gaudy pathetic.

10. My heels won’t last more than one day.

11. My dehumidifier doesn’t fit in my tent.

Look at how terrible this is. The views SUCK.

So it is with great relief I quit the trail. Today, April 1st. It’s all over, this was never the life for me. I am truly astounded by the lack of civility out here.



2 thoughts on “I Quit. 

  1. aj

    We’re sorry to hear this. We didn’t realize you were such a quitter loser. Don’t know where you are but good luck getting home. By the way, we rented your bedroom out and the tenant broke your guitar. He also had a minor accident when he borrowed your car but you didn’t really need a steering wheel anyway. Emma died under your bed and we couldn’t get her out. That explained the smell.


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