Camping In A Thunderstorm

Got too much on your mind?

We’ve all been there: sitting up late with a glass of wine, head in our hands overthinking something. Sleep evades us, and even when it comes it’s riddled with interruptions. We sit and we think about a problem all day. It seems unavoidable. It consumes us. Sound familiar? Well, have I got the solution for YOU!

Camping in the middle of a god damn thunder and lightning storm.

Nothing clears your mind of woes like the feeling of impending death and doom! Sure, you could easily get all cozy in your home with your blankets and tea and overthink your decisions from the past week. Yes, you can talk about your problems with friends or family or your therapist. You can get drunk, pass out, be sad all day, rinse and repeat. OR – and hear me out – OR you could hike your flimsy tent out to a campsite in almost the middle of nowhere where there is no cell service during a thunder storm!

It’s amazing how fast all your woes will disappear. Thunder that shakes the ground feels completely fatal from inside your $130 lightweight tent! There’s literally nothing else you can think about besides trying to survive. Oh, not to mention the wind. It roars through the sky and shakes all the dead trees above you. Falling branches? You are NO match for those! Hope you can dip, dive and dodge fast enough!

And the lightning is truly exquisite. When it flashes, you’ll absolutely forget that it’s 1am. It’ll be so bright out for a second that you’ll swear it was a sunny afternoon!

I cannot stress enough how simply amazing and thorough this solution is. You will instantly forget all of the troubles that ail you, that stress you in one fell swoop! Seriously, give it a try.

10 out of 10, would recommend (to a friend named Ben).

*Sleep is not guaranteed and may end up making the following day worse. Physical harm is very rare, but the fear of it will not wane with this knowledge. 


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