That’s right! One beach, lots of cousins/family friends, and five hours of car time later I am back on the Appalachian Trail!

Today, an awesome thing happened: I hiked down a hill without experiencing excruciating pain!! It’s crazy, I honestly didn’t realize until now just how much pain I was in prior to the week break.

Did you see a doc?

Nah, man. After doing some thorough internet research, I’ve concluded it was just strained muscles. After 2 days of hiking, I haven’t felt any sort of pain comparable to that which plagued me prior to the break. So no doc for this girl. Plus, I’m eating an apple every day so I should be set right?

How’d You Get Back?!

In the beautiful new car chaufeurred by my dear cousin Jack! We took a quick 5 hour ride down to Roan Mountain.

Here’s Jack! As you can see, he’s havin’ a grrrrreat time

The Art Of Staying Positive

It’s been purty rainy down here in the hills of Tennessee/North Carolina. We were purty damp by the time we arrived at camp and spent the night getting more damp. The rain didn’t stop and my sleeping bag got wet because the wind was blowing directly onto my tent and I slept too close to the sides. My shoes were still damp in the morning. You wanna talk to me about pruned feet? Holy COW the entire SOLE of my foot was white and wrinkled by the end of the day!

But woah, slow down Sea Biscuit! Rarely can one see a frown on my face. Nay, I am happy as a clam, even if that means being a damp clam. Here are some tactics I use to stay excrutiatingly positive:

  1. Always look on the briiiiight siiiiiide of life! Yeah, it’s raining now. But the rain will stop eventually. The sun HAS to come out again! And when it does? Take that tent out and DRY it! Bask in the sun! Get repaired! Yesterday blue skies broke through the cloud cover around 3pm, and it was god damned unexpectedly beautiful. Imagine if whatever drama problem you had in your life right now could disappear by 3pm. Dope, right?
  2. Excersize makes ya happy so don’t you dare stop moving!
  3. Good humans = good times. Find someone to set up camp with and laugh about how frigid you are, how deeply satisfying it is to put on dry clothes. Find someone to cuddle up with and cook food in the vestibule of your tent with. You’ll stay warmer that way anyway.
  4. Don’t spend too much time over thinking in the morning. Sure, sometimes it’s definitely nice to get up and smell the flowers and watch the sunrise before starting a day’s hike. But if the sunrise and flowers are covered in fog and it is raining do not stay in your tent too long. That is a recipe for overthinking which leads to an explicit loss of motivation. Just keep hiking, just keep hiking, la la la la doo beep boop ba!

Hostel Review: Mountain Harbor

Beautiful, easy place to stay. Definitely refreshing! The hostel is cute and cheap – we tented out back to save some cash. I highly recommend this place because of it’s ease and also it’s breakfast. If you’re not staying and just want to do laundry and a shower, the convenience factor is high! If you are staying, GET THE BREAKFAST. Mary and Shannon are amazing women who will feed you ample home cooked dishes and fresh fruit. Aye. Beautiful.

What’s The Plan Now, Stan?

To HIKE ON! Yes, the time cometh where I am strong, I am knowledgeable, I am so much less afraid that I was three weeks ago. I am not invincible, but I am a hiker god damn it!

By the looks of it, I should be in Damascus, VA in a week! In the mean time I’m going to hike, avoid thunder storms, be awesome, and have fun!

Until the next time,




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