Hey Stan, You Keep Changing Your Plan

Ah well, you know me! Never can stick to one plan. So, you’re probably wondering,

Why hasn’t she posted anything new?!? What’s going on?! Where IS Wayne?! 

Simple answer: Money Sucks. Oh wait, that doesn’t really specifically answer anything, does it? Let’s rewind –

De Nile Isn’t Just A River In Africa

I am in some serious denial right now because I am still in civilization and not back on the trail. I’m home in Richmond because I ran out of moneyHaving all that time to think at Pineapple’s house made me realize how monetarily unprepared I am to hike all the way to Kathadin.

I feel like I’m failing myself because I’m here right now. It’s overwhelming to have lost all that incredible momentum I had on the trail.

But then? Well, here’s a reality check for ya

  1. I’m here to earn more money so that I can keep hiking
  2. Let’s not forget that in order to qualify as an “official” thru-hiker, a “2000 Miler,” if you will, you get an entire calendar year to do so.
  3. Everyone who’s still on the trail either had enough money prepared to hike more than 2 months OR didn’t get injured, two things that occurred in my story.
  4. I still hiked 400 miles, which is p dope.

Guys, it’s hard to stay positive. It’s hard being in the middle of this story and having it change so many times. It’s really difficult. I dunno, are you exhausted? You must be, reading all this back and forth.

For the Next Month,

I’m going to be in Richmond, VA sitting on babies and saving my money so I can make it back out there in mid-June.

So that being said, if you’re in the Richmond area and need a babysitter, look no further! This girl loves kids, has got no social life, and will cater to your pets/cooking/cleaning etc etc.

Until next time,

Lil Wayne


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