Sleeping With a Banshee 

Guys, shit you not: I slept in a shelter with a banshee. You might be thinking, "haha, alright Wayne. Sure. Uhuh." BUT I AM SO FOR SERIOUS RIGHT NOW. Ok so it all started when we got into camp at 9pm. Not a good time. It was cold and misty and dark. It had been …

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An Open Letter To Connecticut 

Dear CT, Damn you. Love, Lil Wayne. Nahhhh alright let's take it back a minute. Connecticut wasn't all that bad! 56 or so miles of humid, mostly relaxed, sometimes rocky landscape comprised a wonderful first 5 days back on the trail! We stealth camped next to rivers and power plants! We drank a bunch and …

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A big thank you to Merrell for being so awesome and replacing my first pair of boots! I got the MOST comfortable pair of boots AND they're going to replace them! After what they've been through, this is super super appreciated. What an awesome company. I really can't stop smiling about it.   (You should …

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