A big thank you to Merrell for being so awesome and replacing my first pair of boots! I got the MOST comfortable pair of boots AND they’re going to replace them! After what they’ve been through, this is super super appreciated. What an awesome company. I really can’t stop smiling about it.

IMG_4308.jpg IMG_5295.jpg

(You should see the poor mashed up insoles)

A lot has changed since I first left the homestead. But I’m proud to say that 600 miles and some crazy twists and turns later, I’m still going to hike as much as the Appalachian Trail as I can.

Today, July 11th, the sister dearest shuttles me off to Gaylordsville CT.

where I will continue hiking North until I hit Kathadin. I am definitely bouncing around the trail like I’ve got a huge spring on my bottom, but I think that’s simply in my nature. You can’t escape who you are. 

If I’m honest? I’m really nervous about going back…I don’t want to be branded as a “no good yellow blazer” or “thru-hiker poser.” But just like Action Jack and so many others have said, “It doesn’t matter how you got there. It matters that you’re still doing it. You’re still out here trying to get where you need to go. That’s badass.” (this quote is totally paraphrased).

Time to bounce on! 

xo Lil Wayne



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