An Open Letter To Connecticut 

Dear CT,

Damn you.


Lil Wayne.

Nahhhh alright let’s take it back a minute. Connecticut wasn’t all that bad! 56 or so miles of humid, mostly relaxed, sometimes rocky landscape comprised a wonderful first 5 days back on the trail!

We stealth camped next to rivers and power plants!

We drank a bunch and made new loving kind friends in Salisbury!

We found a really cool leaf!

We made friends with southbounders because there’s a whole bunch now!

We had some pretty awesome views!

We stole hand sanitizer from a random portopottie on the side of the road!

But most importantly, we just had a damn sweaty good time.

Did I wring my shirt out and watch sweat drip out of it?


Did I laugh every day, even after I fell down some mountains?


For all the liters of sweat that came off my body, all the rocky steps, all the slip sliding and falling down hills because my sneakers have no tread, I had a much better time than I expected! It was weird hitchhiking and bumming around towns from my home state. But I learned that life is pretty unpredictable, and you’ll be given some amazing opportunities if you’ve got the right state of mind. Sure, my life is far from perfect. Will I let that stop me from grabbing the bull by its horns and rocking and rolling happily through this life?

Absolutely not.

Until next time! Fly on!

Lil Wayne


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