“How Did I Get Here?” 

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately.

Actually, it’s really amusing to think about what my reaction would be if someone came up to me in the past and said, “Hey, in a year from now, you’re going to….” because most of the time I’d be hilariously shocked.

Here’s some of those scenarios.

If you’d come up to me a year ago and told me I’d be:

  1. Stealing hand sanitizer from a portapottie on the side of the road in a random town in CT 
  2. Sleeping on the floor in a maple syrup factory 
  3. Climbing up a mountain with metal poles in my hands while an impending thunder storm rolls in 
  4. Sleeping in a random old ladie’s yard eating her homemade cookies 
  5. Eating a plate of eggs made by a kind stranger in the middle of the woods. 
  6. Sad to only have 500 miles left of a hike 
  7. Hitchhiking in several different states 
  8. Climbing up those massive blue mountains looming in the distance 

I guess I wouldn’t have been surprised, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you how I got there, and I’d be so excited.

And so we hikers laugh every day about all these crazy situations we find ourselves in, endless roaming further into the north.

Until next time, Fly on!

Lil Wayne.


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