Climbing Mt. Moosilauke

It’s an equally empowering and daunting feeling to see all the mountains you’re going to be climbing within the week.

Normally you’re just referencing the book. You’re so enveloped in trees that you depend on the terrain profile in AWOL’s guidebook. But here’s the deal with New Hampshire: it’s steep. There are tons of views. The mountains are tall. There’s ridgeline for miles.

For example, we climbed up Smarts Mountain – it’s the type of mountain that’s sort of shaped like an L, so when you’re walking along a lower ridge you can see the small itty bitty fire tower up at the top that you need to get to in 3 miles.

When you finally get up there, after huffing and puffing and your calves feel like they’re on fire, you climb up said fire tower and see this:

That big, blue mountain? That’s Moosilauke. A four-thousand footer only one day’s hike away.

You’re probably thinking what I’m thinking, which is “HAH WHAAAAT? No way. Holy shit.”

In a whole day, when you finally get to the actual base of it, you get a glimpse of the entire monster. It towers menacingly above you, consuming the skyline. You’re stuck with the thought I am going to be climbing up hill for 4 miles. And you have no choice but to go forward.

Spoiler alert: it’s not that bad.

We made it up in 2 hours or less. And that’s what’s been so interesting about these past couple days: the future looks really difficult and daunting, but it ends up being triumphant and fun. 

Every single person I hiked with to the top of Moosilauke had an epic smile on their face this morning. We hiked a big ass mountain. And it was a beautiful god damned day. In fact, some how, despite all our previous anxieties about weather and terraine, everything turned out to be perfect.

So now I firmly believe that it’s silly to sweat the future. There’s just too many factors that you can’t be certain on. Plus I am going to finish hiking this section of the trail no matter WHAT gets thrown at me. I am going to make it happen. There is nothing that can stop me.

As of today, I feel a new calm floating over me.

Am I still nervous about the Whites? Sure. We got a full blown view of what we’re going to climb this week at the top of the mountain. 

But I’m not too worried. Because I’m going to DO it. It’s going to happen.

Well, to be honest, it’s 9:40pm and I feel like I’m about to pass out.

I’ll work on some cool poetic metaphoric realizations for y’all later.

Until then, fly on!

Lil Wayne 


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