Use your resources, folks! It’s extremely important to ask questions, talk to humans in real life and on the Internet, go to camping stores, go practice camping, and the like. Here’s some resources I’ve found extremely helpful on starting this journey with no knowledge of camping. They have seriously made this trip possible for me.

  • David “AWOL” Miller’s AT Guidebookwhich has EVERYTHING you need. This is an absolute must for logistics, maps, campsites and more.
  • Guthook’s App, if you’re looking for a precise, thorough, easy to use, on hand guide for the trail! It’s a little more pricey than the guidebook, but it contains a wealth of information and can show you your location even when you don’t have service. 
  • The – I cannot begin to explain how amazingly valuable and inspirational this site is. It is extremely thorough and has literally EVERYTHING you need, from gear lists to inspirational stories of success and pain and growth. There are how-to’s and, oh I could go on forever. Just check it out. It has everything.
  • The Appalachian Trials by Zach Davisan amazing book about the mental prep/sustaining a motivated mind and body on the trail. Again, purely inspirational and chock full of tidbits you didn’t even think to ask about.
  • Hiking Dude’s Website and BlogI love his cut and dry gear lists, and the endless information that he provides about the various trails he’s hiked.
  • Gossamer Gear is a great “off-brand” reliable, light weight gear company. I bought my pack from them, and am happily satisfied with it!
  • REI, who happily supplied about 60% of my gear and clothing at an affordable price. It’s all been reliable and helpful! 
  • Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer was honestly the book that inspired me to do this crazy journey. Not to mention his other best seller, Into the Wild, which will spark the spirit of adventure within your soul.